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#WIP Wednesday – TCOSseries book 3

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Well it is time for WIP Wednesday (since I finally remembered, whoopsie haha)

sorry I haven’t been on the ball lately. Trying to get the third book out there to you. I am now at the 71 k word marker, so yay, this is getting real.

So without further adieu, here you are. I hope you enjoy. 🙂  Hugs to everyone.

All her memories, bad and good rush back to her at the sound of her birthmother’s name. Gabrian halts, disrupting the smooth pristine placement of the white sands at her feet. “Wait a minute, you know Cera?”

Rhada looks down at her, his face warm and inviting, giving her a quick, golden eyed glance dancing in humour and accompanied a cheerful smirk to curl upon his lips. “We have met a time or two.”

Gabrian turns, and grapples onto his white cottoned sleeves, pulling him into an unavoidable stop. “But we are in Erebus? How could that be? Is she dead too?” she pants eager for his reply.

But he only steps around her, continuing his journey without her, offering her no solace just a crooked grin as his eyes grip hold of her own and grants her a strange otherworldly dilation in his passing.

She gasps as a straight black line jets out from the center of his eyes—widening across the golden hue of his irises, flaring out then returning to its place of birth as if never born. Gabrian staggers, nearly tripping over herself as she now remembering why this man seems so familiar.

“The stairs,” She stutters, groveling over herself, “you are the young man on the stairs, the one that disappeared into thin air the night I went to the college to speak with Cimmerian, the night of my attack.”

With a golden wink and a grin, not breaking his stride he peeks over his shoulder and answers her, “Hmm, you have a good memory.”


#1 in the UK Hot New Releases in Teen & Young Adult Monster Fiction eBooks

Happy Monday to Everyone…
So I just got done finishing up my writing for the day to do up some book business I went to the UK site to see how things were going. And holy crap this is cool.
My Short story is in the #1 spot.
This is a wicked new first, pardon the pun, for me.
The Hallow RGB
Just want to take a minute to say Thank you to everyone who picked up a pre-order for THE HALLOW.
#shortstory #KU #ebook #KindleUnlimited #newbook #preorder #monsters

New Release by Kade Cook

So I wrote this little story a few years back and never really did anything with it.

And a few months ago I picked it back up, dusted it off and redid it. It stirred a bunch of ideas in my head that transformed into outlines for two novels. Those I hope to start working on soon after my TCOS series is near ending. (Don’t panic, it won’t be too soon. I have too many books to write for it to be done soon. haha)

The Hallow RGB

So now with a new face, thanks to Jenna McLean my cover designer and best friend I put it out there for the world to see. And it is available for pre-order now. Only 99 cents.


So here it goes folks, I hope you enjoy.

Feel free to email me with comments, question, concerns…

Like Dark Fantasy? Well here is a little something from the Author of The Covenant of Shadows Series
The HALLOW (A Dark Short Story)
Now available for pre-order on amazon.

TCOSseries #WIP book three…

Good day to all of you beautiful souls out there.

I hope the day finds you filled with light and ready to take on the world.

Sorry for not being overly active on the blog but I have been finding myself wanting to get my writing in so I can get the next book in my series out to you.

And so that being said, here is another peek at the Work in progress. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to email or reply with your thoughts. Have a wickedly wonderful day.

Big hugs and Bigger dreams, K


His heart lurches in his chest. The desire to look upon her is nearly killing him.
“You know the rules,” the Guardian hums low and un-daunting as he places a hand on Cimmerian’s arm.
The Elder stops, and looks him in the eye, nodding in acknowledgement of the conditions laid down to allow him such an unsupervised visit. “Yes, thank you for bringing me, Morgan,” he whispers low and unruffled. He has no desire to neither mess up his visitation rights nor cause anymore unnecessary stress. He just wants to make sure she is alright, and be the father he has longed to be for the last twenty six years.
Thrumming loudly under his ribs Cimmerian’s heart twists within his chest. A large dry lump in his throat chokes his breath as he pushes against the door. The monitor welcomes him as he slips inside the dimness but that is all. The girl he came to look upon is still lost to this world, caught somewhere in the darkness between earth and Erebus. Wrapped in wires and tubes, Symone lays still under her blankets. Her skin is thin and blanched. Her body frail, and her heart struggles to keep her blood moving within.
But she is here, he thinks and smiles. The tears well up inside of him and Cimmerian lets them fall freely—welcoming their company. His feet drag him across the room in a surreal state, his heart hoping his mind is not just playing a mean trick on him the way Adrinn has so many times in his dreams.
She looks so small, and fragile. He reaches out and slips his fingers beneath hers, clasping them within his hands and replacing their icy coolness with his warm tender offering. His salted lips quiver, shimmering and tear stained as his eyes memorise her faces before she becomes a blur of teary images. Leaning in the Elder presses his lips upon her temple and whispers a soft ‘I am so sorry I failed you’, and pulls away, shaking his head. His knees go weak and he wavers in his stance, clutching the side of her bedrail for support.

Super Excited – GREY is now at #Chapters in Moncton, NB

Such an incredible feeling.

I do believe my hands were shaking when I walked out the door this week and knew that my dream was beginning to take shape.

Yes! I have to admit it…being an author truly is an amazing journey.

Thank you Mary for making me feel like I belonged in your store.

Wicked! Just wicked. 29872114_2017748525213059_6229144402058028766_o

Pretty exciting day for GREY and me too. We have found a new home at #chapters #moncton 

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Dreams really do come true with Patience and perseverance. Keep moving forward, even when you don’t think you can. Do it!!

Big hugs and bigger dreams, K

Wednesday #WIP on #TCOSseries – Book 3

Happiest of days to you all!

The sun is out, the birds are singing and I am excited to be here. Might be the coffee and chocolate I am surrounded by at the moment but whatever the reason, I am Happy to be here and able to share will my phenomenal fans a little sneak peek of book 3.

So without further adieu, here we go:

She wakes to the forest, surrounded by treetops and foggy ferns tickling at her feet. A cool damp breeze lingers on her skin as she follows a muddy path to nowhere in particular. Unhurried and peaceful steps pull her forward and her hands reach out to touch on low lying branches that appear from time to time, close enough to kiss her cheeks as she glides by.

A soft song of the night owl hoos in her ears, accompanied by the singing frogs—a lulled tell of happiness sung the evening choir of amphibians and cricket percussion section, keeping the beat.

Everything is so slow and calm, even the dampness is sweet. Gabrian’s soul is at ease and recharging from her hurried introduction into the life of magik, and she carries on unaffected by the growing thickness of the white mist encircling her and cloaking her trodden path.

A sharp snap hushes the night’s song, leaving her in deafening silence. Gabrian’s muscles tense in its absence with eyes no longer soft and serene, but piercing and sharp in the remembrance of her uneasy jaunt to this place.

The fog is thick now, too thick as she waves her hand before her, barely able to see it within the murky vapours. Something soft, velvety almost, brushes up against Gabrian’s bared thigh. She steps away, her eyes catching on the edge of an elongated black body, trailed by a thick ebony tail now muted in the vapourous blanket of mist.

Her heart lurches in her chest, her conscious brain recalibrating what her eyes remember. She twists in the fog straining to see but finds nothing, and worse, nowhere to hide. Even the low lying branches of the trees have vanished and left her to her own defences.

Alright, so that is it for this week. I hope you all enjoyed.

I would love to know what you all think about it so drop me a note, pm me or email me at

Until next time,

Big hugs and bigger dreams. Peace. K

BlogSpots in the Spot light

GreyEbookHappy Monday Everyone,

I hope you all are having a wonderfully awesome day and that you  have found your way through all the busy hustle and bustle of life’s wickedly fun journey.

Well today my journey has given me, and GREY, an opportunity to visit a few awesome blog spots over the next few days starting on April 12th. We are accompanied by some other exceptionally fantastic authors.

Please  jump on over to these fun and artfully done blogs to check out all the wondrous posts.

Take advantage of these blogs and feel free to share them with everyone and help spread some great reads to people.
Big hugs and bigger dreams,

WIP #TCOSseries Book 3 – Snippet.

Friday WIP Snippet:

Good morning all,
Just thought I would start the day with a little peek at the third book. Who is ready???

The girl who longed to be normal, plain and void of the ancient’s gifts is dead—left drifting along the shores of Erebus. Someone new stands waist deep within the ocean, healing and swelling with the hopes magik has graced her once more and she is eager to meet it in whatever form it takes. “Yes.”

Lyarah’s smile widens, spilling an uncharted and strange sensation through her friends soul. Her scaly hands reach up and trace the edge of her brow, cupping her jaw—soft rows of layered sea flesh ticking her skin.

Gabrian sinks into her eyes, following them, feeling them warm her from beyond a place with earthly bounds. Pulling on her as the nymph slowly dips beneath the water’s surface. She lets the tension in her legs release, feeling the warmth of the water’s magik kiss her chest, then tickle her shoulders and lick upon her neck as she sinks into it hold. Sucking in one last breath she submerges her face, then her entire head—eyes wide open in search for the girl.
– Book Three of #TCOSseries #urbanfantasy #newbook

GREY – IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Read

Super exciting news for GREY.
It has recently been awarded The IHIBRP Award Badge, given to those Indie authors whose books have received a 5 Star book review rating!
The badge tells everyone that this book is an IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Read – a sign of excellence throughout our literary community!
Come check out the list of incredible Indie Authors that were honoured with this award.

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