Fun new development in the land of GREY. 🙂

Kade Cook Books

So this is the first review I ever received after writing GREY.  This poor beta reader wasn’t even lucky enough to get an edited version, just straight out of the brain.  Lucky for me, that didn’t seem to slow her down from reading it.

And it didn’t stop her from creating her very own fan page, started and maintained by her.

It is a Facebook page inspired by her instant fall into love with GREY. 

A place where all new and want to be ‘Coven-Nerd’s’ can go to be amongst their own.  I LOVE IT!  Thank you Carrie for your continued belief and support. You ROCK!  🙂

 “I have been given the great honour of being the first person to ever read GREY – COVENANT OF SHADOWS. Not only have I read it, I have now re-read it twice – each re-reading opening up new complexities to the story that I had not appreciated the first…

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