Fun new development in the land of GREY. šŸ™‚

Kade Cook Books

So this is the first review I ever received after writing GREY.Ā  This poor beta reader wasnā€™t even lucky enough to get an edited version, just straight out of the brain.Ā  Lucky for me, that didnā€™t seem to slow her down from reading it.

And it didnā€™t stop her from creatingĀ her very own fan page,Ā startedĀ andĀ maintained by her.

It is a Facebook pageĀ inspired by her instantĀ fall into loveĀ with GREY.ĀĀ 

A place where all newĀ and want to be ā€˜Coven-Nerdā€™sā€™ can go to be amongst their own.Ā  I LOVE IT!Ā  Thank you Carrie forĀ your continued belief and support. You ROCK!Ā  šŸ™‚

Ā ā€œI have been given the great honour of being the first person to ever read GREY ā€“ COVENANT OF SHADOWS. Not only have I read it, I have now re-read it twice ā€“ each re-reading opening up new complexities to the story that I had not appreciated the firstā€¦

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