Here we are on another wet and wonderful Friday morning, keyboard is working and raring to type. My coffee cup is full and so is my heart, especially after receiving a wonderful letter from one of my Beta Readers just a couple of days ago.  She is a retired teacher that was willing to take a moment to lend a hand, and to give me her honest take on what she thought about GREY after reading it.  With all my heart, I thank you.

So here you go folks…

What can I say about it? Awesome, comes to mind and I’m not even a fan of the genre…When I was given the opportunity to read the unedited version, I jumped at it. Needless to say I was on a waiting list, the author is pretty popular around here.

Now, to the actual story…

The characters and the story reeled me in very quickly. It has that element of everyday people going to work doing what they do but you barely get into the story when a wrench is throw into it…and you ask yourself, “Ok, what is this all about and where is this going?”

Intriguing novel to say the least! Gabrian, Ethan, Cimmerian, Ayden, etc. are fascinating characters that I would love to meet in real life. The story is a journey in self-discovery, new awareness, magic and the supernatural. It’s about trying to find a “why” to reconcile all of that with what you thought you were all your life. There is also the matter of the shadow Walkers, they are super cool!

But enough of my ranting, pick up ‘The Covenant of Shadows: GREY’ and see for yourself what a great read this is. I can’t wait to read the published version as well as Book 2.


A Big Fan”

Denise Cyr Renton