Format: Paperback

First thing first, the cover of this book looks fascinating. The picture of a raven on a grey background image looks cool and attractive. The cover of this book will surely grab the attention of many in the book store.

Coming to the concept of the book. I must say… really liked the concept of this book and it reminded me of the Twilight series. Kade Cook effectively manages to create her synergistic mystical magical world where constant plot twists are happening. I was very excited when I found about the theme of this book, however my excitement quickly faded away.

The characters in the book feels genuine to me and are actually interesting. Kade Cook has done an immensely great job in creating her characters and the entire magical world. She also managed to keep the chapters of the book short, making it easier for her readers to stay with story until the end. Kudos to her for that. Her narration is also good. I could connect with the characters because of her excellent narration. The last 100 pages is actually the best section in the entire book. Lots of twist and revelations happening making this book an interesting read.

Coming to the things which bothered me…

The beginning of this book seems fragmented to me. It took me around 3-4 days just to get through first 100 pages of the book. I was constantly trying to figure what was actually happening and where the story was heading. After the first 100 pages however, the story of this book started to make sense. I feel that Kade Cook actually tried to throw in much more details regarding her magical world and the characters which actually made the beginning of the book slightly confusing for her readers. However. her writing and the narration is simply amazing. I could actually feel a sense of mystical aura creating in my head. So kudos to Kade Cook for that.

The second thing which bother me is the transition of the story. Don’t get me wrong here, Kade Cook has written and narrated this novel very well when you consider individual chapters, but when you look at the transition of the story, i.e. transitioning the story from one chapter to the other, she seemed to be struggling. I was seriously hoping that this thing was happening at certain places, but I could feel that at many places throughout the book.

With slightly better transitioning, this books could be a lot better as compared to the current state. Also, a better beginning will make this book an easy and interesting books to the readers.