Massively exciting news for GREY!!!

Kade Cook - Author/Writer

So I entered a contest a few months back thinking, hey why the heck not? I have nothing to lose. All they can do is pass me over, no harm, no foul. Right? Right!

But something wonderful has happened.

I received an email this morning:


Please see the news release about this year’s Kobo Emerging Writer Prize shortlist here:

We will be hosting a winners’ event in Toronto on June 27 – please let us know if you’ll be in the area that evening. We would love for you to attend.

Thanks and have a great rest of the day.

So if you think that I might be over the moon right now? Well, you might just be right on the money!!!E-book cover

Totally excited about my beautiful GREY standing up against some other amazing writers. Wish me luck folks!!!

Super Big hugs and Cheers from the Shadows,


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