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5.0 out of 5 stars Incredibly Descriptive And Totally Absorbing From One Scene To The Next!, June 28, 2017


Author JB Richards

This review is from: Grey (The Covenant of Shadows Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

What would you do if everything you knew about yourself—including the fact that you are human—wasn’t really the truth? Worse, how would you feel if, just by accident, a group of innocent people was nearly slaughtered because you didn’t know that you were … special? That’s the premise behind Author Kade Cook’s absorbing paranormal thriller, “Grey (The Covenant of Shadows Book 1)”, and it’s a premise that is beautifully executed by her main character, Gabrian. You can almost tell from the beginning of “Grey” that things are probably not going to bode well for poor Gabrian as she begins to experience strange visions and demonstrates uncontrolled abilities that are well beyond all logic and reason—at least for an everyday normal human being. But Gabrian isn’t your normal everyday human—at least that’s what everyone around her is suddenly trying to convey to this straight-thinking, conservative psychologist with the practical and analytical mind. What Gabrian learns about her true identity, however, not only causes her to react blindly … The whole proposition absolutely scares her to death.

Incredibly descriptive and totally absorbing from one scene to the next, Cook’s “Grey” provides an intriguing look into what it would be like for a normal young woman to—suddenly and without warning—manifest strange powers, causing a horrific incident that begs she be placed under severe restrictions and—at all times—controlled. Readers will feel a great deal of empathy for Gabrian as she tries to accept her newfound identity and piece together the puzzle of her own twisted past—which seems quite foreign and unacceptable to her. As we walk her road, we feel her horror, her loneliness, her abandonment, her revulsion, her grief, and her pain. And as Cook adeptly guides the reader through the mind and heart of her protagonist, she opens Gabrian’s eyes to an alternative world, forcing her to deal with a multitude of issues resulting from her mysterious past, and leading her to the discovery of her true self … whether she likes it or not. Over and over again, the reader sinks and soars as Gabrian wavers in her acceptance of what she is told to believe and what truth she learns about her past. But our screams cannot be muffled when our protagonist finally begins to test the full force of her powers and places her life and the lives of those she loves in severe jeopardy.

“Grey” is artfully told, with mind-boggling twists and turns that tear at your heart. There are more than a few standout scenes that you will never see coming—and never forget—as Gabrian takes steps to forge her own future within the new paranormal norm. By the end of this tale, you’ll be asking yourself if you are who you think you are. Trust me, this is one book you’ll want to read all in one sitting … The highs and lows hit you at a moment’s notice, and waiting any longer to find out the ultimate truth might just put your own life at risk!

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