The Covenant of Shadows: CALICO

So here it is folks. The very first Beta Reader Review is finally in and I couldn’t be more pleased with what they had to say. TCOS

Sorry I didn’t post a picture of CALICO’s new incredible cover but I am not ready to share it with the world. Soon, but not quite yet. 🙂

Ok… so are you ready? YAY, I can hardly stand it. Enjoy.

“Beautifully written, Kade Cook has outdone herself with jaw dropping moments and absolutely stunning quotes that will leave you with a calico of emotions.

It was an absolute privilege to be selected as a beta reader for Calico – book two in The Covenant of Shadows series. I simply cannot say enough about this novel. Kade takes us on yet another amazing adventure following Gabrian as she struggles to accept who and what she is, all the while trying to balance her love life and new challenges she ends up facing along the way. This series is what lit the spark for my love of reading and I am happy to report, Calico keeps the fire blazing out of control! I cannot WAIT for book three! Absolutely amazing job Kade – Congratulations on book two and it’s complete and utter success!”.

– Jenna M.