So I did this online writing analyzer test to see what famous writer my work resembles.

The following passage is what I submitted from CALICO:

“I don’t remember when or how it all began. I was merely a child but…I used to hear voices or one voice in particular just after my folks tucked me in bed and the lights had been turned out—a warm soothing voice that would beckon to me, asking me to come play with him down by the garden gate.”

“And you didn’t think this to be an odd thing?”

“I was a child, how would I know what was odd and what wasn’t?”

Gabrian couldn’t help rolling her eyes at the question. Mostly because it was Caspyous asking but partly because it was illogical to think that a child would know the difference at such a young age where imagination is more likely to factor into most equations.

“Anyway…” she continued, looking away from the Hydor Elder trying hard not to roll her eyes at him. “He would ask me about my day and all the things I had done. We would play make believe and he would tell me stories about imaginary worlds that he had been too, promising to take me one day.”

I clicked the submit button and I was quite pleased to find out I am much like the wonderful Margaret Atwood.

How wonderfully wicked is that? Completely.  I am so stoked by the comparison. 🙂 Quite an honour really.

I hope she doesn’t mind me admiring her work and proud to have a similar style to her.

So WHO wants to try it for themselves? Hmmm? Come on now, just click it!