Good Day and happy Wednesday,

So now that my launch is over and the release is done, which by the way was amazing and fun filled with all kinds of crazy and awesome events, thank you EVERYONE who took a moment out of their busy lives to be a part of and/or purchase a copy of CALICO. It is greatly appreciated, Biggest hugs to you all… it is my pleasure to announce that for all of you TCOS fans out there who follow along with my progress and newsletters, I have started book 3 in the series.

And what a glorious feeling it is to actually sit down, take off my marketing hat and put back on my author’s cap to write something again after so many weeks of not touching the new manuscript.

Not sure how long it will take me to get it in a state where I can begin the beta process but it is started, that is the main thing, right?


So for now, keep on being awesome and keep checking in with me now and again to see how I am coming along, I will be happy to let you know. Until we meet again… have the best of days and keep dreaming.

Big hugs and bigger dreams to you all,


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