So I wrote this little story a few years back and never really did anything with it.

And a few months ago I picked it back up, dusted it off and redid it. It stirred a bunch of ideas in my head that transformed into outlines for two novels. Those I hope to start working on soon after my TCOS series is near ending. (Don’t panic, it won’t be too soon. I have too many books to write for it to be done soon. haha)

The Hallow RGB

So now with a new face, thanks to Jenna McLean my cover designer and best friend I put it out there for the world to see. And it is available for pre-order now. Only 99 cents.


So here it goes folks, I hope you enjoy.

Feel free to email me with comments, question, concerns…

Like Dark Fantasy? Well here is a little something from the Author of The Covenant of Shadows Series
The HALLOW (A Dark Short Story)
Now available for pre-order on amazon.