Good afternoon everyone,

Seems like the time flies by faster and faster these days. But I remembered to pull out a piece of the latest book for you all to read over. I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful almost summery weather. Big hugs to you all.

Alright, here it is…

“Cera—” she breathes out, her wind trailing white crystals in the now all too apparent coolness of the air.

Theo cackles a hearty and cheery hello.

“Yes, child it is I.” Her lovely slender face is sweet but worn. Her long ebony hair flows against a gentle breeze as she closes the distance between them. A soft silver lining colors against the white, shining in a spectrum of winding strings that hover and dance like waves against the shores.

Gabrian reaches out to touch her arm. It is cold. So very cold. It sends a shiver to rush through her.

“Come sit with me a while my young one.” Cera breathes out, gathering Gabrian’s hand. Pulling her through the cloud of mist, Cera stops and lowers onto a fallen tree now sleeping in the forest, under a cover of green moss surrounded by crushed decaying branches.

Gabrian lowers beside her and Theo jumps from her arm onto the ground, fluttering his large black wings to clear the space of fog and mist. The long darkened body of a twisted beast is revealed, lying peaceful on the ground in the wake of Theo’s wind.

Gabrian gasps in the thinned mist. The creatures massive existence uncloaked, bright golden eyes set within a large majestic and midnight colored head stares back at her.