Well hi everyone,

It is Wednesday again and it is a glorious day out there. The sun is shining and the kids are screaming in the back yard, splashing around like it was 1999.

No but seriously, I think that they are having a pretty good day now that school is finally out and they have a ton of freedom to do whatever.

Me on the other hand, not so much. It seems like the kids never stop eating. Like EVER! haha So my writing has ended for the summer break but luckily I have some great news.

I FINISHED BOOK 3 of the TCOS series. YAY!!! And I am just waiting to hear back from my editor and off the words go to the doctor to get fixed up and pretty.

And on that note, here is a snippet of what is going on in Book 3. Enjoy everyone and Happy Wednesday. 🙂

“I hoped I might find you here.” Ethan reaches down and retrieves the grey shirt from the ground, shaking off the clinging pieces of earth and offers it to his friend.

Kaleb chuckles grabbing up his tee and pulls it over his head. His flowy and wild aura shifts from brazen gold strands to a soft bending fold that drapes over him in a gentle lime hue against the darkness of the forest. “I just needed a moment to stretch out my muscles.”

A quick glance upward through the silhouetted trees, Ethan’s eyes pinch at the sides glimpsing the large glowing rock hovering in the sky overhead, “Yes, I figured as much.”

“What has you out wandering in the woods this time of night?” Kaleb widens his arms and spreads his chest for one last stretch of his rib cage. “You know the night is full of strange creatures once the sun goes down.”

The softness in Ethan’s face fades, darkening in the shadows. “That is what I am afraid of.”

Kaleb lets out a coughing chuckle dropping his arms to his side. “I hardly think you of all people, fear anything. Let alone me, being what I am.”

“It’s not me I am afraid for.”