Good morning everyone,

I know, I know, I have been very slack lately about posting anything any where online. It seems the summer bug and adventures have claimed all my time and energy. But in my defense, it is very cold up here in the winter time so when summer hits me try to enjoy all the incredible and beautiful weather.

So what has everyone been up to?

Me, just hanging around with the kiddo’s and doing fun summer stuff. But it seems to have had an impact on my writing routine. Which actually means, there is no writing.

But, I am happy to announce that I did do some work. I managed to get book 3 edited with my wonderful editor Kayla Krantz. And now it is being sent off to the proof reader for a final run through. My ARC copies are going to be sent out shortly and once I get back from my visit to Perth-Andover, I will do the final run through before getting it ready to release. The cover is coming along swimmingly and I will have a cover reveal in the next coming weeks to show off how lovely it is.

Whee hoo, very excited about this year and this release.

Here is a little snippet of Silver, book 3 to catch up on the world of The covenant of Shadows.

Biggest hugs to everyone and have a happy week. K

Another steadier but annoying beep sounds in the silence of Rachael’s dimly-lit hospital room. The drawn curtain cloaks the faded colors of the dying flowers, their blooms low enough to hang over the edges of the ceramic vase they sit in.

Still swimming within a world neither here nor there, but not lost anymore, strings of her subconscious web tether Rachael to her physical form. A strange beacon of light shines from her chest, and she reaches to touch it, fingers tracing over a soft metal. She lifts the locket. Her eyes swim over the smooth stone, caught in its delicacy, bound with secrets of the universe. The soft glow beams outward, wanting to chase the faded visions dancing in the shadows. It calls for her to follow. Her mind swirls, thoughts of lives lived before pulling her in and out of reality as they busy to reminisce with her soul.

She floats through the memories of her lives, finding friends and family members not seen in centuries. Her heart is tender, feeling all the ties of her soul’s encounters, and embraces with lost loves along the way. Drifting inward, through washed out images, she walks through them all. Connections to each of them pull her closer—reminding her of things she is and was. The vividness of her past shifts and clings to her, pushing her forward to a place she has longed to find for so many years—a place her heart longs to remember.