So it is Wednesday again and I may have missed a couple due to kids and vacation not to mention just life in general happening all around us.

Sometimes things just happen. Right?

Ok, so here it is…another snippet of my #wip, the 3rd book in my urban fantasy series The Covenant of Shadows.

I hope you enjoy, big hugs and bigger dreams. K

Settling into his cell life, Cimmerian has no issue about serving his time. The sooner he comes to terms with it, the faster he can focus on getting out and taking care of his daughter. She is safe and in good hands. All he has to do is bide his time and stay away from any riffraff that might jeopardize any possibility of early release.

“All settled in, nice and comfy, I see.”

Cimmerian’s heart drops and he sucks in a breath, facing him. They were friends once. It should not be so hard to deal with him on the inside of the Hollows. “Yes, quite. How are you dealing, Caspyous?”

“Couldn’t be better.” He snickers, landing himself on the bed beside Cimmerian. Caspyous leans against the wall and folds his hands behind his head.

Raising his brow, the Elder reaches for the book crumpled beneath his visitor and pulls it out from under him, trying to press the forced creases from the pages with his hands. “That is good to hear.”

He feels the tension and anxiety in the man beside him. It is a rumbling of darkness that scratches to break loose. “So, how did it feel?”

Placing the book on the shelf, Cimmerian turns to Caspyous, frowning. “Sorry, how did what feel?”

“Ah, come on, you know what I am talking about.” A crazed look creeps over Caspyous’ face, eyes dilating and his mouth nearly watering as he speaks. He glances around the opening of the cell as if to make sure no one is near.

“No, I am sorry. I have no idea what you are going on about.”

“You know, when you killed her.” An eerie grin grows on his lips. It is as if he had won first place in a race and could not be more pleased to retell the tale. “Was it exciting? Did she scream?”