Once again I have gotten lost somewhere in the sands of time and vanished in the waves of life but I am here today. It has been a whirlwind of activities for me. Between kids, writing and trying to get book three into production, I have forgotten once again to keep you beautiful people in the loop of the story.

I am just so excited that next week, my year worth of writing becomes live for the world to see. Whoop! I hope you are all as excited too.

So without further adieu, here you go, the latest snippet of Silver:

In the painful silence that fills the Shadwell home, Tynan and Vaeda sit sipping the bittersweet taste of raspberry wine clasped between their fingers. Vaeda gazes lovingly at her host, running a delicate touch along his shadowed jawline, and feels the roughness of it nibble at her skin.
His heart tightens with her touch, caught delicately within a web of pain that he cannot extinguish. Softening his face, his mouth plays the fool as it twists into a gentle upward fold.
“Did Ethan say there was any change?” Vaeda knows what is on his mind so there is no sense making idle chatter about things he has no interest in. Direct and to the point is better, welcomed to Tynan, even if the words cause him to flinch.
“No,” he drones, lifting his glass to his lips. “He says that he cannot find her, but I am not ready to hand her over to the keeper of Erebus and his judgement. I know she is still in there somewhere. Gabrian is much too stubborn to give up.” His voice cracks under his words. “She cannot give up, I will not allow it.”
Vaeda rubs his arm and gives it a tender pat, lifting her own glass. “Yes, well, if I have learned anything about the girl, it would be that.” Vaeda allows a soft chuckle to escape, easing back into the impending silence.