Good morning all and happiest of days to you.

I woke up this morning in a wonderful mood. Made lunches, coffee and set my kids off to school. But the brakes in my van have decided to wreak havoc on my plans to take care of the groceries as well as try to damper my good spirits. But I had a big sip of my Nectar of the Gods (coffee, for those who are wondering)  and called the shop, made an appointment to have them looked at.

Mood better but could use a little boost.

I settled into my writing chair and began the day’s tasks only to check on a site address for my audio-book GREY. Check out #78 and #79.tcos best seller audio

Mood booster has been engaged. This is so way beyond cool for me to see both my ‘babies’ on the audio book best seller list for Dark fantasy. Super excited about what the future holds. These moments are some of the beautiful gifts of what being a writer is all about.

Thank you to the fans who make this journey Epic!! Big hugs and Bigger dreams.