So it is nearing the holidays and everyone is rushing around trying to get things done. And I unusually am way behind this year. Normally I have everything bought and wrapped and ho ho ho’ing in a merry mood.

But I just couldn’t get my shopping and holiday spirit on the go. That is until I did a Christmas impromptu writing jaunt. Jeannie B Richards posted a very interesting and funny Christmas prompt that got me in the spirit. We had to write a small story using the following words:

Mrs. Santa

So since it is the season to be happy, silly, joyous and truly appreciative for all we have…and this made me smile, I thought it only proper to share with you all in hopes to inspire someone else to feel good. You don’t have to spend all your money in order to give from the heart.

Ok… Christmas ahoy! Here you go..

The Gift

With the last present tucked perfectly under the tree, and the stocking stuffed with all the sweetest treats, Santa exhaled and let out a sigh of joy. He glanced down at his watch and flipped open the golden cover. Gently twisting the delicate knob to one minute after midnight, he restarted time and smiled. As the first ticks began, another Christmas had arrived, another whirlwind night filled with magic and love swept over the world and the thought of seeing each little face light up at the break of dawn as they woke and hurried to see what had been left for them filled his heart with joy.
A low rumble of his laughter echoed through the last house as he faded into the night and back into his sleigh. He called out to the reindeer, and they stole away back toward home and to Mrs. Santa.
In two blinks of an eye, the white world he knew came into view, sparkling in the moonlight like diamonds on the snow. He headed toward the brightest one and slipped under the veil of magic snow.
The Elves rushed to meet him as he arrived, giggles filled the space as they got work, hurriedly un-tethered the reindeer and setting them free to wander back to where they needed to be. A soft warm hand, pulled at the old man’s coat, coaxing him to follow. “What is all this?” he chuckled out following his little friend. But the little elf only smiled as the others giggled following behind. The bearded man gave no resist until he reached the warm gentle breach of the common room where all his elves and Mrs. Santa awaited him. And there on the table, set before all to see was the largest pizza that he had ever seen before, covered with Anchovies—his favorite. “Surprise!” They all cheered as the firelight lit up his face.
“Ho, ho, ho!” he laughed. “Pizza, for me?”
Mrs. Santa slowly walked to her husband and gave him a soft kiss. “Yes, just for you.”
“But what is the occasion?”
“Because you give and give to all those with gentle hearts, and even the ones whose hearts are not so gentle, and rough around the edges. We all thought that you deserved a gift this year, a genuine show of love for all that you are.” She cupped the side of his white bearded jaw and smiled into his blue crystal eyes. “Merry Christmas, Santa.”

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of holiday cheer…and pizza for everyone. Hugs and dreams to you all.