So we made it!!!

Welcome to 2019. I tried to look back and see what I have done and what I wished I had done, then decided there is no use looking back. There is nothing I can do about it. So full steam ahead.

This year is about doing what I need to do in order to get the books out as best I can. Unfortunately I am not a fast writer but I intend to focus more on writing and less on the all absorbing FB feed hahaha. Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out stalking everyone and seeing all the cool adventures, pictures, videos on there but it really dips in to my word count. 😛

My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to sit my butt in my chair and type until I can’t type no more. hahah Good plan right? 100%.

Ok, so on with the show…time for the latest snippet for TCOS-Book 4. Ready? I hope you enjoy.

Big hugs and bigger dreams to you all, K

The orb lifts and flutters over a row of books nearby as if searching for something. It sparks and hurriedly returns to her side, whizzing around her head like a mosquito, then back to the book. Letting out a chuckle, Gabrian closes the book before her and lifts from the floor to follow the little orb. Replacing the read book to its resting spot, she turns to inspect what her little friend has found.

Dusting off the spine, she tries to read the words, just as soft whisper tickles the edge of her ear. She jumps, turning quickly only catch smeared and shadowy traces of forms that ebb and flow in between the rows of books beyond her reach. “Hello?” she calls out, staring into the deepened shades of grey. “Is anyone there?”

Closing her eyes she concentrates, trying to pick up any energy that may be close by. But all she feels is the gentle buzz that fills the room, the hum of life that is always there—like the room is a life-force all on its own—a sacred deity taking in wayward souls, and introducing them to its protective sanctuary of ancient wisdom.

Pressing her eyes harder into the dimly lit space, and finding nothing she begins to think it she merely imagined feeling something, or maybe her mind is playing tricks on her.

The soft yellow glow of her ever impatient friend hovers in front of her eyes, as she tries to look past it but its persistent zig-zagging blocks out any hope of seeing anything else in this darkened space. Shaking her head and letting go of her search for the ghosts in the hall, she smiles—turning her attention back to the reason why she is standing there.