Good Morning Everybody and Happy Wednesday!
So…how is everyone doing this fine wintery and stormy day?
Me? I am doing awesome. All the kids are home and no writing is getting done…well, except for this of course! haha
Alright, since it is indeed Wednesday, you know what that means… it is time for a peek into the next book of The Covenant of Shadows.
Whoop! Who is ready for #WIPtime? #WIP
A little snippet from TCOS-4: I hope you enjoy! Big hugs and bigger dreams, K
The sound of merriment and loving chatter makes Cimmerian’s heart sink more and more as he sits in wait at the guest tables within the Hollows. He had sent the note days ago, and the young Shadow Walker that delivered it confirmed its delivery but still no one has arrived.
Inmates come and go, along with their families and loved ones. And he smiles, tears forming at the edges of his eyes as he watches the families putting their wrong doings behind them and come together. This is what the season is about—togetherness and forgiveness—remembering all the moments he had shared with his young family so long ago.
His heart fills with a bitter sweet emotion as he lowers his eyes and leans his head forward into his folded hands. No longer seeing the other prisoners around him as his gaze glazes over, Cimmerian smiles a faraway grin. Faded images of a wife and daughter dance through his mind and he lets himself linger there, lost in a world that existed in a different time—a life where he had everything.