Well hello everyone and yes, you can yell at me. I have once again forgotten to put up a snippet of book 4, which by the way is starting to whip into shape. Things are happening and moving along quite nicely in my head and actually creeping from my pages into my word program…so yay! Feels like this book might be on its way.  And whoop it feels good to get these characters talking to each other again instead of fighting with each other in my head. haha. No, really I am serious. 😛

Alright, just wrote this little bit this morning and I really like where it decided to go… what you do guys think of it?

Hope you enjoy… big hugs and bigger dreams to all. K


Adrinn hadn’t felt this alive in a quarter century. This is new turn of events is quite exciting—and this, well…this is going to be fun.

He grants Symone a wickedly seductive grin making her heart explode. He had never said words like this to her before…even before Erebus. He always kept her at arm’s length…because of her. But now…things will be different. She will show him how much he needs her—and find a way to feed this thing inside of her so she can feed him.

Now he will see her.

Now he will finally love her…only her.

And damned be the gods which help anyone who gets in her way.