Holy cow!

Wasn’t sure if this was ever going to happen but as of a few moments ago, I typed or should I say, Dragon Dictate, typed ‘The End’ on the first draft of book 4 in my Covenant of Shadows series.

Can I get a Whoop Whoop???

Whoop whoop!!

So yeah, this is really big for me. With the accident, and pains, headaches, and crazy schedules of my life this year, I was so sure when or if this was going to happen.

But it did! And I feel completely blessed to be given this opportunity to finally complete this part of Gabrian’s journey, not to mention mine.

To all of you still out there, waiting to catch up with Adrinn, Gabrian, and the rest of the crew…it won’t be long now. I just have to go back into the files and try to decipher just what the heck Dragon actually typed.

Who knows, might be a better writer than me. hahaha

Here is to a new year of hopes and dreams and a future that leads us closer to who we are truly meant to be.

Any who, back to the Realm I go. Time to begin working on Book 5. HUGS and Happiness to all. Kade