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GREY: Book One

When 26 year old Gabrian Shadwell’s perfect life starts to fall apart, she begins to realize how fragile the foundations of her world are. Dragged to a treacherous magical world that she knows nothing about, Gabrian discovers she is part of an ancient inheritance that has ruled over the immortal world for an eternity.

With no possible way to return to the simple life she once knew as an oblivious human, she struggles to concede to the fact that the calm reality of her world has shifted; it is now crawling with Borrowers, Mages and Shadow Walking-beings.

As she stumbles through this new enchanting yet lethal realm, she loses her faith in the people who are supposed to protect her—leaving her vulnerable to an evil that lies in wait under a cloak of half-truths—eager to sway her heart and taint her moral conviction. Now Gabrian must decide who she truly is, rise above the lure of the forbidden or become one of the Covenant of Shadows’ hunted—losing her soul in the process.

CALICO: Book Two
 Now Available
After surviving a near fatal kidnapping, Gabrian is determined to pick up the sordid pieces of her life or at least she is trying to. But somewhere in the chaos something has gone awry.

Her ability to turn off the cravings is broken—leaving her victim to a body meant to run on instinct for survival, a body constructed to reap fear within the Realm.

Now Gabrian must test the strength of her will—harness in the unrelenting urge to feed in order to secure her Elders trust or risk becoming the monster that lurks within.