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Grey will be on sale March 9 – 16th…

Good morning and happy Friday,

Just wanted to start out the beginning of March break with a chance to pick up a copy of GREY for all of you who were interested in what it was all about for only 99Cents.

The sale starts on March the 9th and lasts until the 16th.

So grab your copy

28534733_10215547472020234_1387208805_nand stroll with me deep down into the spellbound tale of becoming something extraordinary.


Gabrian Shadwell is one of the most lethal and powerful supernatural beings on earth.

Her blood, one part silver mage and the other Vampire, is an unstable and hard to control combination of supernatural gifts that would test even the most knowl

edgeable of souls.

The Problem is…She has no idea she even has it.

When her magic surfaces and makes its claim on her, Gabrian loses control of her life and becomes a danger to everyone around her. The world she knows turns upside down and fills with chaos.

Stubborn and hell-bent on getting her life back, she makes a deal with a smooth tongued devil who claims he can help her gain control. But she soon learns the cost might be higher than she could ever imagine.
GREY is the first book in The Covenant of Shadows, a series of captivating urban fantasy novels.  If you like new twists on Vampire lore, a bit of romance, and close-knit bonds, then you will love Kade Cook’s supernatural journeys.


And we’re going live… Open Eyes Radio

A few weeks ago, an interesting opportunity came up and I decided to throw caution to the wind,  tell my self doubt to bugger off and grab hold of it and run. So tonight I am super pleased as punch to announce that at 7 pm EST, I will be going to be on live Radio with Ira Robinson.

Not sure how we will make out but I am hoping for a lot of laughs, and some good old fashion fun. Oh and books, lots and lots of discussion on bookish topics.

Come join in, who knows it might be wicked fun.

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Big hugs and bigger dreams.

Kade Cook ❤️ Valentines Day Give Away ❤️ #audiobook #freebie #contest #winwin

Alright everyone here we go!

GreyEbookSince Valentines day is just around the corner, I have decided to throw a giveaway contest on my audio book GREY!

There are 5 FREE codes up for grabs! YAY!

Who’s excited??? Just me?? NO? You too?

Excellent, so here are the rules:

Go to this form, sign up and your are in! It is that easy! So what are you waiting for, go now!

Review for CALICO by Yves Robichaud

Very pleased to post this wonderful review of CALICO by fellow Canadian  Author Yves Robichaud.

I hope that your enjoy,


My Review of Calico (Covenant of Shadows, Book #2)
Published by admin on January 31, 2018

Book Review
Calico (Covenant of Shadows, Book 2)
By Kade Cook

Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Calico is Canadian author Kade Cook’s second novel. It is the second book in the The Covenant of Shadows young adult fantasy series.

As Gabrian Shadwell continues to struggle with her powers… dangerous powers… lethal even, she realizes that her life has changed forever. Through it all, she has found romance though nothing ever comes easy for her. With time, everyone realizes that there is more to Gabrian than initially thought and for many, she is viewed as CalicoEbooka threat. She juggles her training and her love life all while trying to stay alive and not kill anyone.

I must admit that I half-expect that sequels will never live up to the original, but such is not the case with Calico. It picks off right where Grey left off and doesn’t stop for a second. It is an action-packed thrill of a ride and a wonderful book.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the young adult fantasy genre. I still think that this series is better then the Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare.

Kade Cook’s blog:
Buy from

Yves Robichaud
Author of Kaylen’s Rising (Tomes of Taria, Book 1)

Review for GREY by Yves Robichaud

Pleased to share with you the latest review for GREY.

I hope you enjoy. :)Hugs,


Book Review
Grey (Covenant of Shadows, Book 1)
By Kade Cook

Review: 4.6 out of 5 starsGreyEbook

Grey is Canadian author Kade Cook’s first novel. It is the first book in the The Covenant of Shadows young adult fantasy series.

Gabrian Shadwell is young professional psychologist who has every aspect of her life under control…. until one day, she doesn’t. In a manner of hours, her whole world is turned upside down as she discovers that her family and close friends have been guarding important secrets from her. She learns of the existence of a whole new world, full of magic and wonder. She develops powers beyond her imagination. Powers that she cannot seem to control. As she comes to grips with all of this, she realizes that there are people out for her head. She must figure out who her allies and enemies are… before it’s too late.

I enjoyed the book so much that I read it twice. The characters are well developed, the writing is superb, the pace is engaging, and the plot keeps you always on edge, wondering what will happen next. I was delightfully surprised by this novel and I think that anyone who takes the time to read it will too.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the young adult fantasy genre. To give you an idea, it reminded me a lot of the Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare except that I thought it was better.

Kade Cook’s blog:
Buy from

Yves Robichaud
Author of Kaylen’s Rising (Tomes of Taria, Book 1)

Facelift for #TCOS

Good day to you all,

For those of you who love the face of my books, thank you but I am sorry.

I have decided to give TCOS a newer, fresher, maybe even a GreyEbookmore hip look. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my vision of The Covenant of Shadows with all my heart but I have been watching and listening to those who have gone before me as Indie Authors and have made their creations a success.

And yet again, don’t get me wrong, I feel have already succeeded in my journey because I am doing what I love, fulfilling my passion and fueling my soul and the soul that is yet to be inspired but with all things, there must be change. You must evolve and bend in the wind in CalicoEbookorder to survive. And so I did.

You may love them, you may hate them but here they are as big as life,



Big hugs all may the evolution begin.

Set your goals…

Hey All, I just wanted to take a minute and talk about goals.
Recently I have been listening to incentive and uplifting youtube messages about going further, trying harder and being the best version of the me I want to create.
And with all the crazy wild ideas, thinking positively about myself and my dream

Set goals make it happen

and knowing exactly who I am, and what I want to see when I look in the mirror, 20, 30, heck even 40 years down the road.

I want to make sure that I am looking upon the person who tried their hardest, didn’t quit, kicked ass writer girl that I knew I could become. No regrets, one hundred percent gave it my all to the possibility of growing that seed of a thought into the mountainous tree I saw in my mind.

And to do that, I decided to set some goals.

Goals are Everything. Even small goals hold great power when brought to fruition.

So my message today is think bigger, make a goal and do it.
As yoda would say, do or do not… there is NO try.

Peace all, Kade

Shadow Talkers – Episode 6 #beanboozled

Here it is 2018 and I must say we are off to an amazing and wickedly fun start. so what better way to start the year off than to play a silly taste test game with my bestest of buddies, Jenna Mclean.

Not really sure what I was in for, I sidled up to the the table, sat down and got ready for the game. Wow, and what a game it was.  Come check out the video to see why.

Cheers, Kade

End of Year Reflection… #TCOS

As 2017 fades out and draws to a close, I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on how far I have come with this crazy idea of being an indie author.

Well, let us see…

With determination or stubbornness, I am not sure which, I managed to write and edit (thank you Kayla Krantz and Michelle King) the second book in the TCOS series. After a bumpy start, we finally pulled it all together and I managed to upload it on Amazon… that is after I fought with the online demons that hexed the create space app and nearly drove me to tears. But I listened to a friend who said sometimes it is easier to scrap it all and start over from scratch. Very smart girl she is…

Next, the Center I wished to book my physical launch was not available nor would it be for what seemed like decades, (not really but when you want what you want and it is not happening I tend to get a bit dramatic, 😛 ) and so I lucked out and the community emergency center had an opening which I quickly snatched up and began my preparations.

On November 24th, a wonderful friend of mine, an amazing YA&SciFi author, John Winston, joined forces to bring the world our duel releases, IA:Union and CALICO, which was a wonderful venture and one I look forward to doing again. Thank you John.

On Nov 26th, the launch was held and so many beautiful souls came out to help me celebrate the birth of CALICO. It was an amazing night and so to all of you who took the time to be there, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The following weekend, I took part in two craft fairs where I was welcomed with open arms, many smiles and tons of incredible questions…I even got a few hugs out of it, and a few new friends as well.

At the beginning of December , myself and a few amazing authors decided to join the group Books4ANewGenerationChristmasEvent and donate a portion of sales, throughout the entire month of December, towards a much needed Charity called Reach- a program designed to help many people who are in need of prosthetic limbs. I very much am pleased to be part of this even though I was unable to do more online and interactive participation due to circumstances beyond my control but my heart was there with them and so is my donation.

Somewhere within all the writing and the editing of Book two of TCOS, I found an amazing voice that was willing to be part of my supernatural world, and sign on to help me create the audiobook of GREY. Now finished and uploaded on the Amazon, Audible and ITunes platforms…GREY is alive and waiting for all to discover it. What an incredible thrill to hear another speak the words you have written and portray them as they sounded in your head.

And so here we are, as the few moments quickly slip away and bring us closer to a new year, it allows us the opportunity to make a clean start, or if you are pleased like I am of how this year ended up an opportunity to push harder, to make more connections on the path I am traveling, to strengthen the already forged bonds that have been made and dream a little bigger, to climb a little higher on the mountain I call my future and to embrace every challenge that comes my way, to face it head on and to overcome them, as this time next year I can reflect once again to see how far I have come, living to dream and dreaming of the limitless skies filled with opportunity this new found world has brought me.Newyears

So I say to all of you, take a quick moment to reflect. Ask yourself if you are further along or still waiting on things to be perfect before you take the steps toward what you dream of…just a word of warning to all who have delayed…time waits for no one so don’t delay too long.

Lastly, I want to take this moment and say THANK YOU to all the beautiful and generous people who bought a book, e-book or audiobook of the TCOS Realm, your patronage means more to me then you will ever understand. You are my inspiration.

I wish you all well and many blessings this turning of the year. I will catch you on the flipside…Big hugs and bigger dreams. Cheers from the Shadows, K

If you want to start your TCOS journey now click here or want be part of new updates and special offers, sign up here.

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