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Word-Art is so much fun. #TCOSCALICO

I know it is not Wednesday but I managed to forget to post  and Saturday is a perfectly fine day to share my TCOSCALICO Word-Art. So excited to see this one come to life.

Hope you all are having a great day,

Cheers from the Shadows


For the love of the book #TCOSTUES

Hey everyone,

It’s another Tuesday so that means another word-art for the novel GREY.

Hope you enjoy!

Cheers from the Shadows.


The Covenant of Shadows: CALICO is born.


Just wanted to let all those who follow The Covenant of Shadows page that the First Draft of Book two is now done. CALICO has been born so it is off to the first round of clean up so that it can be made legible enough to send it off to the awesome editor, Kayla Krantz.
Hope you all are as excited as we are.
Big hugs and Cheers from the Shadows

Stay tuned, Cover Reveal coming soon.


Alright folks,

It’s another beautiful day to be in the Realm.

Hope you enjoy the #TCOSTUES art.

Cheers from the ShadowsTCOSTUES feb21.png

TCOS (The Covenant of Shadows) Tuesday

On Tuesdays I am going to try to remember to post a Meme from GREY, Book 1 of The Covenant of Shadows.

I know it isn’t Tuesday but I thought I would play a little catch up for you.

I hope you enjoy.

Big hugs and Cheers from the Shadows

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A glimpse into Book 2 of TCOS: CALICO

So last week I decided to start prepping the world of words for the entry of my new Book with glimpses of CALICO, the second book in The Covenant of Shadows series.

I am getting excited to set this free, only a couple more chapters to write before first draft is finished…kind of.

I hope you enjoy,

Big hugs and Cheers from the Shadows #TCOSCALICO


Wonderful Book signing – The Owl Lady

Originally posted on Don Massenzio’s Blog: I had the pleasure of participating in a book signing with my co-author on the new book, Frank Immersed, at the Harbour Village Marina in Ponce Inlet, Florida yesterday, 1/28/17. It was a fun event complete with signing books, answering questions about writing, karaoke and dancing. It was also…

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Sunday Share…

A few good words to keep in mind when getting ready to publish a book. 🙂

Kade Cook - Author/Writer

Happy Sunday Everyone,

So I just happened to be going through my emails and even though I am not published on Smashwords, I do have a profile there. And with that I get the regular emails that they send out.

I found a really interesting youtube video that I thought others might benefit from watching about self publishing. Not sure if you all are interested or not but I wanted to share it anyways.

Big hugs,


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Snippets: Featuring the novel GREY #TCOSGREY

Chapter 1: A Haunting Experience

As the words musically roll off of her tongue, the woman’s appearance alters. The alluring draw she has on Gabrian seems to try to reveal itself. Her skin takes on a more supple texture as its edges disappear and melds into the subtle glow that manifests like a halo all around her.
Gabrian wonders if this strange display is what some would consider to be an “aura.” She has seen fragments of light emit off of people before, sometimes even in different colors, but always dismissed it as some sort of illusion of light. What she is witnessing now would definitely be hard to dismiss as just an illusion. Whatever transformation is taking place within Mrs. Argryis, it is pulling at Gabrian and oddly urging her to get closer, creating a yearning within her to be near the light.

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