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CALICO – TCOS Book Trailer

COMING SOON to a bookshelf near you: CALICO (Book TWO)

Happy Friday Everyone!!

So now that CALICO has a cover and is nearly done editing, it is time to share the Book Trailer with the world.




CALICO – Book Two (Book Blurb)

Now that we have revealed the new cover for CALICO, we have to give you the book description.
I hope you enjoy!

CALICO Blurb.jpg

CALICO – The Covenant of Shadows (Book Two)

Alright Everyone! It is time.

I proudly present to you…
(Book Two in The Covenant of Shadows)

Book two in the series is still in edit but will be released this fall…stay tuned!


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Nominee for best Paranormal on the SIBA

21272644_324743984655272_8463571969609956922_n.jpgGood day everyone, some great news for GREY. It has been nominated for best summer read in Paranormal in the Summer Indie Book Awards.
Thank you so much to everyone who has already voted for GREY. The poll is open to vote once a day until it’s done. Any opportunity you have to vote is greatly appreciated.

Big hugs all.

GREY – The Covenant of Shadows (Book One) – Kade Cook

Beta Review for CALICO July 22/2017

CALICO Title photo


Good morning everybody,

Well it is Saturday morning. The sun is up and the coffee has been on for a while but I am just getting to this post now. Better late than never, right?

Ok, so my latest Beta Review is in. It came in the form a letter to me and it was so lovely that I wanted to share it with you all. My heart is full!


I’ll start at the end because you left me hanging. LOL. When I read the last chapter I thought – Quote: “Are you kidding me?” – So how long do I have to wait for the outcome of this dilemma? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

In my humble opinion, the strength of a good author is leaving your readers wanting more–so get busy lady and give your fans MORE!! Gabrian is a friend now…you simply cannot leaver her in a lurch like this!

Final comment, I don’t know how you think of these things. I just have a rough idea of what your life is like but for you to produce like this…it boggles my mind… So proud of you…

– Denise CR

Honoured, she continues on to write out some of her Favorite Quotes: (here are just a few of them)

Ashen’s blasé demeanor sweetens–her eyes twinkle reflecting a ray of sun streaming in above her. “Gabrian, we all need a little help sometimes understanding things. And the way I see it, not taking advantage of a chance to help someone is a wasted opportunity to witness one of life’s precious miracles.”


“…tiny orbs of light in her eyes dance amongst the crimson embers that pepper the  world around her.”

“Lying still with the silence–swallowed up in flame and drowing within this beautiful state of chaos, Gabrian slips into the darkness once again.”

I write like Margaret Atwood…

So I did this online writing analyzer test to see what famous writer my work resembles.

The following passage is what I submitted from CALICO:

“I don’t remember when or how it all began. I was merely a child but…I used to hear voices or one voice in particular just after my folks tucked me in bed and the lights had been turned out—a warm soothing voice that would beckon to me, asking me to come play with him down by the garden gate.”

“And you didn’t think this to be an odd thing?”

“I was a child, how would I know what was odd and what wasn’t?”

Gabrian couldn’t help rolling her eyes at the question. Mostly because it was Caspyous asking but partly because it was illogical to think that a child would know the difference at such a young age where imagination is more likely to factor into most equations.

“Anyway…” she continued, looking away from the Hydor Elder trying hard not to roll her eyes at him. “He would ask me about my day and all the things I had done. We would play make believe and he would tell me stories about imaginary worlds that he had been too, promising to take me one day.”

I clicked the submit button and I was quite pleased to find out I am much like the wonderful Margaret Atwood.

How wonderfully wicked is that? Completely.  I am so stoked by the comparison. 🙂 Quite an honour really.

I hope she doesn’t mind me admiring her work and proud to have a similar style to her.

So WHO wants to try it for themselves? Hmmm? Come on now, just click it! 

CALICO: Beta Review for TCOSCALICO just in…

CALICO Title photo
Hey Everyone,
So if any of you didn’t notice…here is a peek at the Cover of CALICO.
I know, I am mean…such a tease to do this to you but hey it is all in fun. Right?
Ok down to business. I just received my second Beta Review so I couldn’t wait another minute to share it with all of you. I am over the moon with the kind words that were shared about my new baby.
Here you go folks, enjoy.
      “So recently I was asked to be a beta reader for the latest novel Calico, the follow up book to Grey in The Covenant of Shadows series by Kade Cook.
To take on something like this, is a great honor and privilege to say the least and quite frankly a little daunting.
What happens if it’s horrible?
What do I say?…
I worried over nothing, because none of those things could be further from the truth.
It’s such an amazing read people!! A page turner!
Kade Cook you’ve topped yourself! Literally from the first paragraph, I was once again hooked…with the characters and story For readers who are familiar with the story (and for those that are not)… I was completely submerged into this world once again as we delve deeper into The Covenant of Shadows story We see our heroin’s (Gabrian) saga develop as she tries to understand and cope with her circumstances.
Without trying to give anything away to the readers, there are some twists and turns that are captivating and totally unexpected.
When I read the last page…I read it three times…I kept hoping that there was another page…because I wanted so badly, for the book not to end.
Kade Cook’s sophomore book clearly shows her growth as both a storyteller and writer!!
Congratulations Kade, well done!! Looking forward to buying the hard cover and the reading the next book!!”
– Donna G.


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