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Jan 9th #Wiptime – Snippet of TCOS-4

Good Morning Everybody and Happy Wednesday! is everyone doing this fine wintery and stormy day? Me? I am doing awesome. All the kids are home and no writing is getting done...well, except for this of course! haha Alright, since... Continue Reading →

Silver – #Wip August 29, 2018

So it is Wednesday again and I may have missed a couple due to kids and vacation not to mention just life in general happening all around us. Sometimes things just happen. Right? Ok, so here it is...another snippet of... Continue Reading →

#Minibits of GREY (TCOS) – Aug 13, 2018

Happy Monday Morning, I hope you all had and amazing weekend. I disappeared for a few days off the grid and out to the backwoods but I am back with another #minibit of GREY to get the week rolling right. There is... Continue Reading →

Wednesday #WIP on #TCOSseries – Book 3

Happiest of days to you all! The sun is out, the birds are singing and I am excited to be here. Might be the coffee and chocolate I am surrounded by at the moment but whatever the reason, I am... Continue Reading →

BlogSpots in the Spot light

Happy Monday Everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderfully awesome day and that you  have found your way through all the busy hustle and bustle of life's wickedly fun journey. Well today my journey has given me, and... Continue Reading →

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