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Be my supernatural Valentine? Entire Series on Sale starting at .99 cents.

Good Afternoon and Happy Valentine's day to everyone. So since I have never done this before and it is a great day to do it...I have decided to put my entire series on a SUPER BIG VALENTINE'S DAY SALE. For... Continue Reading →

Wiptime…Snippet of #TCOSseries book 4

Well hello everyone and yes, you can yell at me. I have once again forgotten to put up a snippet of book 4, which by the way is starting to whip into shape. Things are happening and moving along quite... Continue Reading →

It’s release day #Silver #kadecook

Great news! I'm so excited to announce that Silver, the third book in the Covenant of Shadows series, is OUT NOW! This book was so much fun to write, and I honestly believe it's the best book I've written yet.... Continue Reading →

SILVER – #WIP Book 3 #TCOSseries 08.15.18

Good morning Everyone and happy Wednesday! It is another incredible day to be alive and another wonderful opportunity to let you have a sneak peak into the the next book in the Covenant of Shadows series. Silver is nearly complete... Continue Reading →

#Minibits of GREY (TCOS) – Aug 13, 2018

Happy Monday Morning, I hope you all had and amazing weekend. I disappeared for a few days off the grid and out to the backwoods but I am back with another #minibit of GREY to get the week rolling right. There is... Continue Reading →

Mini bits of GREY, #TCOSseries book one

From GREY, book one of the Covenant of Shadows... To begin, one must first start at the beginning. All things, No matter how different they may seem,  Come from a common beginning * Beneath the sky and clouds, beyond the... Continue Reading →

Book 3 of #TCOSseries has a name: SILVER

Good morning everyone, I know, I know, I have been very slack lately about posting anything any where online. It seems the summer bug and adventures have claimed all my time and energy. But in my defense, it is very... Continue Reading →

#WIP Wednesday – TCOSseries book 3

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Well it is time for WIP Wednesday (since I finally remembered, whoopsie haha) sorry I haven't been on the ball lately. Trying to get the third book out there to you. I am now at the 71... Continue Reading →

Wednesday #WIP on #TCOSseries – Book 3

Happiest of days to you all! The sun is out, the birds are singing and I am excited to be here. Might be the coffee and chocolate I am surrounded by at the moment but whatever the reason, I am... Continue Reading →

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